AV Computer Services

Innovation For Your Business

AV Computer Services

Innovation For Your Business

Services We Offer

Software Design

We create softwares dedicated to specific business, to deliver the needs of that particular line, and with capacity to grow, expand and integrate with modern technologies.

Continuous Support

After a sale, the most important is the support, our support cover Windows OS, Windows Applications, Printers, Networks, Servers, VPN, Cameras, Biometrics, Web Pages and more.

Network Management

ISP alone is not enough, we manage all your network including wireless access point, and wireless network with security. Also we manage load balance with up to 4 ISP so your office will never be Offline.

Server Deployment

Windows Server, SQL Server, Web Server, our experience help you decide, manage, use and take all the advantage of the servers family, also Domain Server for your office, so all the PC's work is done in a perfect environment.

Web Design

Web pages with a perfect touch, designs to work on PC, tablets, Smart Phones, and small devices, IMAP emails or POP3, Outlook or others application configurations, so you can work relax.

Cloud Support

Cloud storage, cloud applications and all related to cloud services. With the cloud service, your office can have a centralized location where all employees and administrators can work and share there files.

Recent Works

Let us Work for you.

Web Store

We can create and help you manage your online store, your warehouse and more. We can offer you a complete solution, so you will only need to concentrate on your business.

Social Medias

Reach more peoples on the social medias, use the social medias to promote your online store, or your business.

YouTube Channel

Present videos of the work you do, or how to handle the items you sell, help your customer to get the ideas, or to find the way to be enthusiastic with your products.

Our Team



Founder of AV Computer Services, creator of Time Xpress application, creator of multiple websites, and in direct charge of support to our resellers.



Talented for colors, fonts, images and spelling, Ms. Annie is the director of Designs for the company, which together with his collaborators make a reality any format.

Some of our Customers

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